Proudly serving the Treasure Valley since 2012

Our Method

Pictured here is our PERC machine. PERC stands for Pressurized Exhaust Rodent Control.  This machine is a state of the art device designed specifically for injecting carbon monoxide into burrow systems for lethal control of rodents.  

We have successfully used this device to control gophers, ground squirrels, voles and rock chucks.  

The PERC creates the lethal gas - carbon monoxide through the engine exhaust from a motor mounted on the device.  The exhaust from the engine is routed through a cooling coil and into an air compressor that is powered by the engine.  The air compressor then compresses and concentrates the carbon monoxide.

Once the carbon monoxide is compressed in the pressure tank the parts per million are very high.  

A probe is then inserted into the animal's burrow, and the animal is dispatched very humanely.  Because the exhaust is cooled the animal is not burned.  Because the parts per million are so high the animal is "put to sleep" very quickly.  And because the carbon monoxide is injected at such a high pressure the animal (specifically gophers) cannot fortify their burrows to stop the flow of gas to where they are in the burrow.